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It won't be easy. It will not feel good. It will be uncomfortable.
It will though, be worth every ounce of struggle. 

GTFO: Woman walking down a dirt road carrying a suitcase.

The first step in getting out of the narcissistic situation is to be discreet and cautious.  Once the abuser realizes that you are aware, they will proceed with the Discard. Your goal is to get out before they begin. You must plan strategically. You will need to compile evidence to prove your case if the time ever comes that you need to defend yourself and/or prosecute. 

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The mental, emotional, and physical effects of psychological abuse wreak havoc on the body. The initial shock of a discard can lock the body in Fight or Flight mode, deregulating the nervous system. You may experience night sweats, panic attacks, paranoia, confusion. Chronic effects such as PTSD, autoimmune disorders, and depression may be experienced. None of this is fair. You did not deserve the abuse, nor the repercussions that follow. Yet, knowledge of the possible effects will help you understand them if and when they occur. You can remain in control of your mind and body, and be proactive in your healing. As soon as you GTFO and are secure, your nervous system will need a calm, safe, and trigger-free environment in which to stabilize.


Click the Resources button below for a list of sites, channels, and books available for your healing process

Heal: Silhouette of a woman meditating in a field facing a mountain range.
Take Action:  Clip art of woman dressed as a superhero.
Take Action

Now that you are out and your healing process is underway, it's time to take action. First and foremost, you MUST go no contact. Absolutely no communication with the abuser. They cannot know your whereabouts, for your own safety and the safety of those around you. 


Now, remember the evidence you collected? It's time to put it to use. The goal of The Escaped Goat is to reform psychological abuse laws. This requires voices and statements. We need to show the legal system that protection from psychological abuse is necessary, and imminent. We do this by getting loud. We build case volume by exposing psychological abuse through reports and Complaints. Then, we lobby.

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