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I Want to Get Involved

Welcome! We are so grateful to have you here and for your contribution. your involvement and efforts are crucial to impacting psychological abuse law reform and ending the trauma/abuse cycle.

We are building a powerful network, from which we will form committees. These committees will focus on a scope of efforts and tasks specific to the corresponding area of expertise.


If you know anyone who may be interested in reforming psychological abuse laws, please share our website (link) or the Take Action (link) page.

Get Involved Contact Form

Fill out this form if you wish to volunteer your services to fight narcissistic abuse.  Please be sure to view our privacy statement using the link below.

Next! Please tell us approximately how many hours a month of your time and/or Pro Bono work that you can contribute:
Please let us know how to reach you:

We do not currently have a newsletter. We will contact you directly via email. All email addresses will be kept confidential.

Please click HERE to view our privacy statement.

You’re all set! Thank you for stepping up to the mountain! We will be in touch with plans, agenda, and updates. Now, let’s CLIMB.

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