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Sharing your story creates awareness. Awareness launches reform. Reform ignites prevention. The Escaped Goat offers a safe space in which your psychological abuse story can be shared anonymously, and bravely. 


With your written permission, The Escaped Goat will select stories to be featured on our blog. Our submission form details the brief yet necessary steps needed to ensure a platform respecting your discretion and safety.

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The success of The Escaped Goat's efforts to reform psychological abuse laws depends enormously on collaborative action. 

As discussed in our Plan of Action, we are uniting forces with pro-active attorneys, therapists, coaches, lobbyists, media professionals, and volunteers. This call to action is the first step in building a foundational network of support which will act to move mountains in legislative reform. 

If your passion, experience, and skill set can help us climb, join the movement! Click the Get Involved button to engage.

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We humbly and gratefully accept contributions to help fund our campaign for psychological abuse reform.  All proceeds from contributions and the sale of Goat Gear merchandise goes directly toward our operating and program expense.  Please click the button below to see our current operations and program expense guide.

Click the below button to make a contribution through PayPal.

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