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A national campaign committed to the reformation of psychological abuse laws in the United States of America.

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Our mission:

To reform psychological abuse laws, educate Law Enforcement, and end the trauma/abuse cycle.

Our Objectives:

  • Join progressive European countries in reforming laws to criminalize psychological abuse tactics such as Coercive Control. In the U.S., psychological abuse is the only form of abuse which is not fully criminalized.

  • Embolden the legal system to create policies which acknowledge and reflect that mental and emotional trauma cause damage and injury the physical brain and lead to physical symptoms such as disease, disorders, and suicide.

  • Create a Call to Action through a national campaign

  • Encourage psychological abuse victims to vocalize and report abuse to authorities and the courts

  • Educate law enforcement in the area of psychological abuse

  • End arrests of actual victims who have been smeared, provoked, and wrongfully accused by psychological abusers

  • Hold Social Media platforms accountable for their contribution to the deterioration of mental health and the soaring rates of suicide by demanding regulation and accountability

Plan of action
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Plan of Action
  • Compile unquestionable data which establishes the precedent that disease, suicide, PTSD and other ailments are physical "damages" suffered as a direct result of psychological abuse

  • Establish communication with proactive organizations in foreign countries which have successfully passed psychological abuse laws, leading to the education of law enforcement on the signs of psychological abuse and the tactics of psychological abusers

  • Lobby for reform at the city, states and federal levels 

  • Unite narcissistic/psychological abuse coaches, therapists, and victims in order to organize for law reformation

  • Collaborate with attorneys whose experience in narcissistic & psychological abuse can lend expertise in the progression of the movement

  • Collect statistics, studies, and evidence of psychological abuse incidents, along with a close examination and critique of current psychological abuse laws, all which to build a comprehensive and compelling case for reform 

  • Produce impactful social media content including PSA's and video books for placement on YouTube and Instagram

  • Create educational curriculum for law enforcement 

Psychological Damage

Trauma is not

"Someone hurt my feelings."

It's a physical rewiring in the body that requires literal healing and rewiring -

as literal as the healing required for a broken bone.

Mental Health

Society recognizes the need for mental Health, yet perpetuates the deterioration of it via social media, cyber-bullying, glorifying celebrity, promoting “keeping up with the Jones, little to no paid vacation, constant use of electronics.’ 

Effects of

Mental Abuse 



Depression & Anxiety

Autoimmune Disease



Constant Fight

Mental Health

The brain is a part of the body.  It can be damaged by injury, trauma, & substance abuse.

Just like physical abuse.

Why does society & the legal system allow abusers to attack the brain & nervous system without consequences?


 The Psychology arm of the Medical Complex recognizes personality disorders in the DSM.


It generates millions from “treating” those suffering with mental health disorders, many of whom are victims of a trauma/abuse cycle that involved mental abuse.

Society’s Approach to Mental Health 

Medication Psychiatrists now only prescribe & maintain prescriptions.

Talk Therapy

Promotes mindfullness, yoga, meditation yet does not incorporate these practices into actual quantifiable treatments  






Sexual Deviancy


Mental Abusers, especially psychopaths, sociopaths, and those with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, lack empathy. There is little to possibility to rehabilitate. The only way to protect or prevent further mental abuse is to prosecute mental abusers. Mental damage IS noticeable through changes in the behavior of the victim. While there may not be bruises or broken bones, mental abuse is an assault on the brain, the nervous system, and the physiology of a human. These aspects of mental abuse are more often than not,  long-term.

They are not healed with a cast or physical therapy.  

Physical Damages Are Seen

Abusers can be charged and convicted based on proof illustrating visible damage to the victim.

Physical Abuse Behaviors






Throwing Objects

Reckless Driving 

Hair Pulling

Pushing Down Stairs 


Visible Physical Damage from Physical Abuse


Broken Bones

Black Eyes

Broken Teeth


Burn Marks

Visible Scars

Loss of Hearing or Eyesight

Hair Loss


Mental Damages Are Not Seen

Abusers cannot be charged nor convicted based on the UNSEEN damage to the victim.

Mental Abuse Behaviors


(causing victim to question their own sanity) 

Libel, Slander, Doxxing



Spying, Invasion of Privacy


Threats to Livelihood

Degrading, Belittling, Mocking

Physical Damage from Mental Abuse

Chronic Depression & Anxiety 


Suicidal Ideation, Attempts 


Nervous System Shut Down 

Emotional Deregulation

Autoimmune Disease


Memory Loss

Cognitive  Dissonance


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United States

While the United States has criminalized physical and sexual abuse, the country's legislative system remains stagnant and unprogressive in addressing the ongoing rise of psychological, mental, and emotional abuse cases, leaving victims isolated, afraid, and unprotected..


Rest of the World

The United Kingdom, France, Scotland, and Ireland have all implemented laws which criminalized psychological and emotional abuse. Passing these laws required Law Enforcement to become educated in the areas of psychological and emotional abuse.

"A psychiatrist once remarked, "I consider pathology to be the country's number one public health issue." And with good reason -- these 60 million people are negatively (and sometimes criminally) impacted by someone else's extreme pathology (Otto Kernberg called this pathology 'Severe Personality Disorder’)"

Healthline article written by Crystal Raypole

Psychological Abuse Statistics

48.4% of women and 48.8% of men have experienced at least one psychologically aggressive behavior by an intimate partner.

4 in 10

4 in 10 women and 4 in 10 men have experienced at least one form of coercive control by an intimate partner in their lifetime.


17.9% of women have experienced a situation where an intimate partner tried to keep them from seeing family and friends


18.7% of women have experienced threats of physical harm by an intimate partner.


95% of men who physically abuse their intimate partners also psychologically abuse them.


Women who earn 65% or more of their households’ income are more likely to be psychologically abused than women who learn less than 65% of their households’ income.

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