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      One that bears the blame for others.

Our mission is to provide resources to victims of Narcissistic Abuse.


Our objective is to offer financial assistance for those in need of: Court expenses involving their abuser, safe houses while escaping, and  healing, treatment, and recovery options.

Dear Narcissistic Abuse Victim, aka eSCAPEdGOAT,

We are sorry for what you have been through. The trauma, the shock, the horror. Most people do not understand. We do, because we've been through it too.


You’ve been smeared, slandered, betrayed. You have been falsely accused, possibly even arrested under false pretenses. You have lost your confidence, your livelihood, friends, family, and your Self. You have been gaslit, isolated, called crazy, and now live in fear. You have withstood a suffering that no human should ever experience. You may not understand how or why this happened. You have so many questions. We’re here to answer them.

You have not just escaped a narcissistic partner, parent, friend, or boss; you have escaped the cycle of abuse. The generational cycle which created the narcissist, and influenced you, the victim. Your empathy and vulnerability have primed you as a targeted source of narcissistic supply, so we are going to arm you with the tools that will prevent this from ever happening again. 


This page is for you, dear eSCAPEdGOAT. It contains resources to help you begin, or continue, your journey to healing and recovery. You’ll find coaches, websites, and books. We even have a place for you to anonymously tell your story. And your story, is everything. It is the key to your wholeness, your strength, and your freedom. 

And one day, your story will transform into the superpower which you will use to help others. 


Get ready to climb.


With love and compassion,


Vanessa Dimitropoulos

The Escaped Goat, Founder and Member


To read my story, click here: My Escape

I can't seem to recover from narcissistic

A woman sitting alone on a wooden pier on a lake at sunset.

I'm battling  a narcissist in court

A woman sitting at a table talking to a lawyer.

Your generosity helps many people in many ways.

Legal fees for those

battling narcissists

in court

Therapy and Expert coaching for those in need of healing and recovery

Safe houses for those needing

to Escape


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